This is a crucial part of our operations and we always ensure due diligence is undertaken prior to placing our healthcare professionals on placements.

We require our healthcare professionals to share our vision of safety for their patients therefore our compliance team are here to ensure your documentsare up to date before placement

We require the following documents from you:
  • NHS complianceVerovian Consultancy Application Form, including signed acceptance of our Terms and Conditions
  • Up to date CV
  • Three professional references
  • Valid passport [We will need to see the original copy at some point before the commencement of placement]
  • Visa document [If applicable]
  • Mandatory training certificates
  • Qualification certificate(s)
  • Two proofs of address [Such as utility bills or full driving licence]
  • Passport photographs [For your Verovian ID and for our records]
  • Completed Verovian Consultancy occupational health questionnairUK Serology reports to include
    • Evidence of immunity for Hep B [Serology report to show titre levels]
      • Evidence of Immunity to Measles, Rubella and Varicella
      • BCG scar sighting or evidence of immunity to TB - [written proof of BCG scar has been sighted by an OH Nurse/Doctor or proof of TB vaccination administered]
      • Proof of immunity to Varicella (written self declaration of having Shingles or Chicken Pox is sufficient).
      • IVS reports
  • Certificate of Manual Handling training (physical training that must have been undertaken within the last 12 months).
  • Certificate of Basic Life Support or CPR training (physical training and not a distance learning course, completed in the last 12 months).

We continually access the compliant status of our candidates via technology that prompts us when a document is coming up to its expiry date. This helps us to communicate with our candidates to ensure the relevant document is addressed thereby maintaining smooth running of their placements. A candidate cannot be confirmed nor maintained on a booking if their documents (as above) or mandatory training files are not up to date.